propel ICT

propel ICT is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2005 by a group of ICT professionals who shared a common goal of growing this sector in New Brunswick.

Driven by the passion of the New Brunswick business community propel ICT is focused on developing local business start-ups by providing expert advice on matters relating to business operations, expansion opportunities, workforce development and financial resources. 

Propel ICT promotes entrepreneurship development and innovation by leveraging its strong relationship with the local business community, ICT organizations, educational institutions and government agencies.

UNB's partnership with propel ICT has led to numerous MBA students gaining work-term experience as consultants in early stage start-up companies and the advancement of new product lines.

Accelerator program

Professional mentorship is one the key factors that drives this program. In the propel Accelerator program, a start-up entrepreneur is matched with a group of mentors who help the entrepreneur in decision making, strategic planning and moving the new company to the market readiness stage. This program also offers its members additional benefits such as office space, equipment, support services and access to financial sources which are vital during the early stages of a company.

Energy program

In partnership with local companies, the propel Energy program is focused on providing products, services and support to the energy sector. One of the important objectives of this program is to offer its expertise in the design, construction and maintenance phases of energy projects. The program is also aimed at establishing a strategic partnership between the ICT and the energy sectors which will result in a plethora of opportunities.