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Living on and off campus

Saint John - "the friendliest little city of the East" - is located in the Maritime province of New Brunswick.  With more than 135,000 inhabitants, it is the province’s largest city, bustling with energy, diversity and events reflecting the vibrancy of the area.

As the oldest incorporated city in Canada, Saint John presents an attractive mix of new and old world traditions, blending progressive business and industry with European style boutiques and a strong multicultural community. It has become a unique mix of metropolitan city with strong historical ties, and boasts a rich cultural heritage.

The port city has many art galleries, pubs, and restaurants, as well as the historic Saint John City Market, the Imperial Theatre, and many other attractions.

Saint John is located on the Bay of Fundy, which gives the province a moderate climate. Summers are warm and comfortable, with average daily temperatures of 20 - 25 degrees Celsius. Though winters can be cold, thousands of students enjoy New Brunswick winters with many great outdoor activities such as skating, skiing, snowboarding and hockey.

On campus

All University of New Brunswick Saint John MBA courses are offered on our safe and beautiful campus overlooking the Saint John River. With two residence buildings, both co-ed and non-smoking, located on the campus you can select a meal plan and have it incorporated into your residence fee. 

To take a virtual tour of the residences or to find the exact costs associated with living on campus visit UNB Saint John's Residence page.

If you are considering living on campus make sure you apply early as residence tends to fill up quickly.

Off campus

Students can choose to live off-campus in the Saint John community. The cost will vary however; basic living costs, such as heat, power and food, are much lower here than in countries such as the United States, Britain and Australia. In fact, you can count on paying about half what you would pay in other countries. Saint John also has the lowest cost of living of all cities in Canada.

To learn more about Saint John, visit Discover Saint JohnEnterprise Saint JohnThe ChamberLife on Your Terms and City of Saint John.

Our faculty and staff

UNB Saint John MBA classThe University of New Brunswick Saint John's MBA faculty and staff work hard to ensure you receive a unique and rewarding learning experience. 

MBA students at UNB Saint John have a distinct opportunity over other students in other MBA programs.  Not only do they have the opportunity to study with faculty who are world experts in their field, they also have the experience of being on a first-name basis with all faculty and staff. Our low student to professor ratio ensures that your professors will know your name.

Faculty maintain close ties with the business and public sector communities, as MBA courses are taught with a combination of faculty and seasoned practitioners.  Our dedicated staff will partner with you through your studies to ensure your academic journey at UNB Saint John is seamless.