Our Alumni

Our alumni come from all over the world. They’ve gone on to play important roles in the business community locally, nationally and internationally.

They have also had a major impact on the University of New Brunswick and the MBA program at UNB Saint John. By acting as mentors to students, guest lecturers and advisors, our alumni offer a wealth of knowledge not found in any textbook.

As informal ambassadors for the university, they are living, breathing examples of what a UNB Saint John MBA can achieve, all around the world. We encourage our graduates to maintain the relationships they make during their university experience.

Melissa Berwick (Right), Graduate of 2012“The highlight of the program for me was that it was a year program. As a result of the program I was able to secure my next career move and learned how to work with people from diverse backgrounds and cultures. This has allowed me to be more effective in my job for an outsourcing company and in my volunteer work,” The one major drawback was not having a life or income for a year, but in the end it paid off because I gained an international network of classmates, and from doing the program had the opportunity to experience working in a manufacture in South East Asia.”

Keep in touch

Stay in touch with each other, get involved and take advantage of the many benefits of being a UNB Alumni. The UNB Alumni E-mail for Life (EFL) is a free service that ensures that you can always keep in touch with friends by forwarding messages to your 'real' e-mail address.

Abudulmoshen Albadar, Graduate of 2011

"The MBA is a great opportunity for anyone seeking to enhance his/her abilities in resolving problems in effective ways, it (unbsj MBA) was a very good program and useful year in my life. I received several offers, but was very happy with the offer I received from Al-Ahsa Development Company. Work hard you will get what you want". 

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