Part-time Faculty

NameEmployerJob titleTeaching AreaContact
Alcorn, Jason Securities, Financial and Consumer Services Commission Legal Counsel International Business Law, International Business Environment Email
Armstrong, Deborah Armstrong Human Resource Specialists HR Specialist Human Resources Management Email
Bell, Michael Bell Aliant Instructor MBA Email
Breau, Gilbert Irving Oil Economist Energy Economics Email
Butler, Rolyne Anglophone South School District Deputy Head Mathematics Operations Information Management Email
Chapman, Tanya Tanya Chapman and Associates Consulting Principal Consultant HR Management, Performance Management, Management Skills Email
Chaini, Rajendra UNB Instructor Economics Email
Cormier, Shawn Irving Oil Ltd. Senior Manager, IT Performance Logistics and Supply Chain Management Email
Cormier, Terry Self-Employed Independent Consultant E-Commerce Email
Desmond, Ellen C. NB Public Utilities Counsel Law Email
Doucette, Catherine C. Doucette Training and Consulting Inc. Training Consultant Management Skills Email
El Maghalawy, Samah UNB Instructor Marketing Email
Elkhanazi, Izzy UNB Instructor Accounting Email
Flanagan, George UNBSJ Instructor Marketing Email
Flood, Allison UNBSJ Instructor Accounting Email
Franklin, Neil UNBSJ Instructor Law Email
Gionet-Fife, Cathy Canada Revenue Agency Chartered Accountant, Large Files Accounting  Email
Hayes, Carl J. Aliant Trainer Human Resources Management Email
Hernandez, J.M. UNB Instructor Business Decision Analysis Email
Howe, Sabra Canada Revenue Agency Large File Income Tax Auditor Income Taxation Email
Hurly, Matthew UNB Instructor Project Management Email
MacAdam, Amy Canada Revenue Agency Team Leader, Small, Medium Enterprise Unit Accounting Email
MacNeil, Michael MacNeil Consulting Principal Business Development Email
Marino, Dan J.D. Irving Director of Strategic Management Accounting Email
Punamiya, Anita UNB Instructor Social Entrepreneurship Email
Vanbuskirk, Kelly Lawson & Creamer Lawyer Law, Human Resource Management Email