Hiring made easy

We make it easy to recruit and hire our eager, qualified co-op students.

  • Send a job description by email, complete the job posting form, or fax a copy of your job description to (506) 648-5885
  • Once your position is posted online for our students to view, an application deadline of one week following the posting will be set
  • Once the application deadline has passed, the applications will be sent to you to review via courier.  Applications include a cover letter, resume, and transcript
  • You choose interview dates, and we arrange interviews with the candidates that you have selected
  • Most interviews take place on campus but they can also take place at an alternate location of your choice
  • Following the interviews, you contact the Co-op Office to let us know who you would like extend a job offer to
  • The Co-op Coordinator will contact the successful candidate with the details of the position
  • The student then has two business days to make a decision about the offer
  • Once the student accepts your offer, we require an official offer letter from the employer for the student file

Recruiting dates

Work termBegin posting positionsBegin interviews & job offers
January - April Early October Mid October
May - August Early - mid January Mid January
September - December Early - mid May Mid May

How much are co-op students paid?

Co-op salaries are decided upon on an individual basis. 

Ultimately, each employer decides what they will be paying their co-op student. 

The figure below indicates an “average” salary paid to our co-op students who are employed within New Brunswick.  If is recognized that each employer will have their own salary scale and may pay above or below these averages.

Work term #1 (Jan - April)Work term #2 (Sept - Dec)Work term #3 (May - August)
Average hourly salary $10 - $12/hour $11 - $13/hour $12 - $14/hour