Our Department offers major and honours programs in both Arts and Sciences, and in collaboration with the Department of Biology, we also offer the very popular Biopsychology major and honours programs.  The department also provides a masters program in Experimental Psychology and jointly offers a Ph.D. program in Experimental Psychology in collaboration with the Department of Psychology on the Fredericton campus.  We also participate in the Ph.D. Clinical Psychology program offered at UNB Fredericton.

Psychology at work

A Psychology degree indicates that you are a student of human nature. You will understand what influences social behaviour and mental events that promote positive functioning and well-being. An undergraduate degree is also a good first step towards a masters or PhD, which are required for you to become a clinical psychologist or academic researcher.

Your Psychology degree could aid you in pursuing a career as a:

  • case worker
  • probation or parole officer
  • career counsellor
  • mediator
  • family or marriage counsellor
  • research assistant
  • human resources professional
  • social worker