In politics, today's headlines are tomorrow's topics of discussion. Students will examine in-depth the issues of power, influence and participation in the political sphere. You'll consider the relationship between governments and citizens, the evolution of political philosophies, the influence of traditional and new media and the role of parties and interest groups in the development of public policy.

Your first year of study will see you enrolled in the Canadian Politics and Comparative Politics courses, required courses for all students planning to complete a degree in politics. At the end of your second year, you can choose to complete an honours degree, major, double major or minor in politics.

Politics at work

A politics degree gives you a strong foundation in the public policy development process and how government works. In addition to developing critical thinking, research and communication skills, you'll gain the building blocks to design a career for yourself in government, business, education, media and law.

Your politics degree could lead to work as a:

  • community organizer
  • legal secretary
  • diplomatic officer
  • legislative aide
  • government relations consultant
  • public opinion researcher
  • journalist
  • public policy analyst