International Studies

International Studies gets to the heart of global development, its challenges and opportunities. This interdisciplinary program considers the complex relationship between Canada and aid recipient nations in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Through the combination of studies in language, culture, politics, economics, and history, students analyze contemporary global issues like food distribution, gender roles and disease control.

Introduction to International Studies is a required first year course, and some language courses are required for students who plan to double major or minor in International Studies. Upper-level studies include courses offered in such disciplines as history, politics, sociology, economics, philosophy, and French.

International Studies at work

An International Studies degree is your introduction to a career without borders. Enter the world of non-government organizations (NGOs) and government agencies dedicated to providing assistance in some of the world's poorest communities.

Your International Studies degree could lead to work as a:

  • business development officer
  • HIV-AIDS health educator
  • community development officer
  • fundraiser
  • eco-tourism developer
  • heritage conservationist
  • food aid worker
  • project manager