Étudier le français: pour l'amour d'une langue globale. From Belgium to Baie Comeau, with a degree in French you will be able to participate and experience a multitude of cultures that share one language. You will strengthen your French communication skills and examine Francophone culture through literature and film from Canada and abroad.

Your first year of study will be chosen based on your highest level of instruction in high school French. Students with core and extended core French must take introductory language courses focusing on developing written and oral communication skills.

Students who graduated from an immersion program or a French language school will combine first and second year requirements into one year with courses designed to review French grammar. At the end of second year you may choose a major, double major or minor in French.

French at work

A French degree will enhance your written and oral French language skills preparing you for a career where a second language is essential.

Your French degree could lead to work as a:

  • civil servant
  • teacher
  • communications officer
  • translator
  • customer support manager
  • tourism manager
  • foreign service officer
  • writer