Great writing can elevate our understanding of the way things once were, the way we live now and what might be possible in the future.

First and/or second year English students can explore various English writing styles such as fiction, poetry and drama. Students planning to complete an honours degree or major in English are required to take two survey courses examining the development of literature pre-and-post 18th century.  At the end of second year, you can choose to complete an honours, double major or minor in English. Options are also available to specialize in drama or creative writing or to pursue a joint honours program in English and History.

English at work

An English degree will hone your writing skills and, in today's online and interconnected world, employers are looking for people who can write clearly and concisely on a variety of topics.

Your English degree could lead to work as a:

  • author
  • librarian
  • publicist
  • communications officer
  • copywriter
  • speechwriter
  • journalist
  • teacher