We are a department with a growing reputation and a solid commitment to our students. Any inquiries you may have about graduate application or programs should be directed to Dr. Joseph Galbo, Associate Director of Graduate Studies in Sociology at UNB Saint John.

Graduate work

Sociologists study many things, including the cities in which they live. In Saint John we use the city as our living lab. Its historic character, thriving arts and music scenes, and legacy of the industrial past, as well as the social and cultural challenges of the present and future, all make Saint John a unique city in which to live and study.

As New Brunswick's largest metropolitan area, Saint John offers opportunities in volunteer and service learning in fields like government, environment, health, and education. We encourage our students to actively participate in their communities and this is very much reflected in the work of our graduate students.

Our students

Rebecca Coleman is an MA candidate. She completed her social science practicum at the Coverdale Centre for women and plans to continue a career working with women in crisis.

  • Research interests: Women's Rights and Social Justice, Canadian Society.
  • Title of thesis: Institutional Ethnography: Accessibility to abortion services from the perspective of New Brunswick women in crisis.
  • Supervisory Committee: Dr. Chris Doran, Dr. Nancy Nason Clarke, and Dr. Leslie Jeffries

Curtis Couillard is an MA candidate whose research interests include work and play in the modern city.

  • Research interests: Social organizations, work and leisure studies, ethnography, popular culture.
  • Title of thesis: "The Puzzle": does a unionized workplace make a difference?: Job satisfaction and the quality of work in unionized and non-unionized long term care facilities.
  • Supervisory Committee: Dr. Jacqueline Low, Dr. Joe Galbo, and Dr. Lee Chalmers

Chris Long is an MA candidate. His research is on the role of the media and moral panics. His current work deals with a re-evaluation of moral panic theory.

  • Research Interests: Cultural Studies, Deviance, Theory, and the Sociology of Sports.
  • Title of thesis: Judo in the Dojo: An Ethnographic Study of Club Culture
  • Supervisory Committee: Dr. Chris Doran, Dr. Joe Galbo, and Dr. Paul Sahni.

Jonathan Simmons is an MA candidate and recipient of a Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Master's scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).

  • Research interests: social movements, science communication, secularism, interdisciplinary education, scientific literacy, and the public understanding of science.
  • Title of thesis: "Is Positive Psychology a Pseudoscience? Framing Legitimacy in Scientific Movements."
  • Supervisory Committee: Dr. Joe Galbo,  Dr. Paul Sahni, and Dr. Vanda Rideout