Research interests

The research and teaching facilities at UNB Saint John include laboratories for human and animal research. The laboratories for human participants are equipped for

  • studies with both children and adults (observation rooms)
  • studies of lie detection and other polygraphic recording
  • studies of perceptual phenomena
  • neuropsychological testing
  • psychophysiological testing
  • testing of individual participants with computer generated tasks

The two animal laboratories are equipped for studies of operant and classical conditioning and studies of behavioural effects of psychoactive drugs. Support staff includes an animal care technician.

Outside of the confines of the university, many of the faculty members have established contacts at institutions where practical learning and research experience can be obtained by upper-level undergraduate and graduate students. These include the Saint John Regional Hospital, the Ridgewood Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation Centre and The Saint John Community Mental Health Clinic. Research opportunities also exist in the Institute for Health Research (IHR) and the Centre for Criminal Justice Studies.