Information and communication studies

UNB Saint John ICSThe information and communication studies (ICS) program seeks to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the social, political, economic and cultural impact of information and communication technologies and practices.

It combines theoretical, historical, empirical and practical study with an emphasis on emerging media of communication and information gathering and distribution.

The program is not highly technical, but instead focuses on critical thinking, writing, research and expansive understanding - skills that are increasingly demanded in the job market.

As an ICS student, you will be well-placed to succeed in a variety of careers in areas such as mass media, advertising & public relations, human resource management, community relations and information/research/communication positions.

What you'll learn

Course offerings are grouped into three primary areas:

  • Media and Culture
  • Technology and Communication Practices
  • Information Gathering, Governance and Policy

These areas of concentration will give you a broad exposure to information and communication studies. This multi-disciplinary program combines the expertise of various professors from the faculties of arts and business. If your goal is a degree in law, journalism or library science, the ICS program is an excellent springboard.

For more information on course credits, see the current list of ICS eligible electives.