Atlantic Summer Institute

This is an intensive one-week program focusing on learning disabilities in children and adolescents. It follows a three year cycle. 

In first year, introductory level ASI1: ED 6108 is offered. This course examines learning disabilities and how they impact academic functioning and success. Considered are specific learning disability types, individual type characteristics and defining cognitive, behavioural, educational and socio-economic features.

ASI2: ED 6109 is offered in year two. It focuses on development of targeted educational plans for individual LD profiles and explores research-based teaching, learning, and study strategies believed to be successful with children and adolescents with specific learning disabilities.

There is a break with no courses offered in third year.

Each course is a three credit hour course offering direct instruction on the most recent learning disability research findings and theories. Participants take part in student-led presentations and experience cooperative learning opportunities with fellow teachers.

For more information, contact Beth Keyes.