UNB Saint John EducationTeaching is a calling for those who want to share their learning and experience with others.

Education students learn to identify learning styles, assess student capabilities, and determine student needs. They learn how to develop curriculum, and prepare assessments and reports. Most importantly, they develop abilities to understand and explain difficult concepts to a wide range of learners.

Concurrent Bachelor of Education (BEd) - Early Years

Do you want to become an elementary school teacher (grades K-5)? Then you would take the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Bachelor of Education (BEd) degree concurrently at UNB Saint John. You would graduate with both a BA and a BEd.

If you are in the first or second year of a BA degee program you can apply to enter the BA/BEd program at UNB Saint John. There is a special application process for the program. Applications are normally completed and submitted in January of year one in your BA degree.

If your interest is teaching at the middle or high school levels, you should contact UNB Fredericton about those programs on their campus.


Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language [TESL]

English is becoming the international language of choice in today's global community. With an increased demand for English as a Second Language [ESL] instructors, Education at UNB Saint John is regularly getting inquiries seeking qualified ESL instructors for China, Japan, Korea, southeast Asia, and the United Arab Emirates.

Maybe you'd like the experience of teaching English as a second language. Why not apply to the UNB Saint John TESL Certificate program today?