Philosophy at UNB Saint JohnPhilosophy begins in wonder. Does God exist? Are we free, or are our actions determined? What makes something beautiful? What can I know? Does Evil exist?

Philosophy at UNB Saint John offers a welcoming environment and class sizes small enough to allow your voice to be heard, your thoughts to be shared.

The discipline offers courses in a wide range of fields in systematic philosophy and the history of philosophy. Among the special strengths of the discipline are business ethics, health care ethics, political philosophy and philosophy of the mind, aesthetics, epistemology, logic, medieval philosophy, continental philosophy, and analytic and ancient philosophy.

What can you do with a degree in philosophy?

Anything you set your mind to. Philosophy graduates are welcomed in any number of fields such as law, business, medicine and education.

You may choose from a full range of program options including a minor, major or double major.

Think big.