Dr. David Flagel

Dr. David C. Flagel is a Full Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Humanities and Languages at the University of New Brunswick Saint John. 

A graduate of UNB Saint John (BA) and Queen's University in Kingston (MA and PhD), Professor Flagel's interests include health care ethics, the philosophy of science, and the history of western philosophy.

He is the Chair of the UNB Saint John Research Ethics Board, and has chaired or been a member of a number of ethics committees in the region for the past 20 years.  He is also currently the Chair of the New Brunswick Consortium of Bioethics.

Dr. Flagel has published articles on a wide array of topics in national and international journals.  He was the recipient of the Dr. Allan P. Stuart Memorial Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2008 and, more recently (2009), received the Departmental Award for Teaching Excellence in the Department of Humanities and Languages.

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