Arts student, UNB Saint JohnLinguistics is the study of natural language. It answers practical and theoretical questions about how children learn their mother tongue, and how much language can be dealt with by computers.

Studying linguistics will give you a better understanding of the relationship between brain/mind and language. It helps us work with foreign languages and understand the difficulties foreign students encounter in English or French.

At UNB Saint John, you may choose to minor or double major in linguistics. A master of arts degree with a linguistics component may be pursued within the MA in Interdisciplinary studies. For more information, contact Dr. Virginia Hill.

When you combine Linguistics with another discipline, you open the doors to a variety of job opportunities.


Computer science Computational linguistics Language engineer/technician, Automatic translator, CALL specialist
Modern language or Education Second language teaching, Applied linguistics TESL/TFSL teacher
Psychology or Biology Psycholinguistics, Speech pathology Speech therapist
Sociology Sociolinguistics National security consultant, Forensic linguistics


Linguistics prizes

The annual book prize is awarded to a student demonstrating outstanding performance in linguistics courses. It is open to all students enrolled in either the minor or double major program. 

A second linguistics prize is awarded to a UNB Saint John student demonstrating a deep understanding of linguistic concepts in upper level courses.

Please contact Virginia Hill for more information.