Dr. J.P. Lewis

J.P. Lewis is an Assistant Professor of political science at the University of New Brunswick Saint John.  He received a BA (Honours) from the University of lewis photoWaterloo in 2002 and MAs in Political Science (2003) and History (2005) from the University of Guelph.  He obtained a PhD from Carleton University in 2011 where his dissertation was on the evolution of citizenship education in Canadian schools, with a focus on both policy development and implementation.

His major research interests are in cabinet government and citizenship education, with a focus on Canada.  He teaches courses on Canadian government and politics, provincial politics, federalism, elections and political parties and Canadian politics and the media. 

Prof. Lewis fields many calls from media on Canadian, provincial and municipal politics. 

Recent Publications

Cabinet Government

Citizenship Education

Select Media

Courses Taught

POLS 1201 - Canadian Government and Politics

POLS 2201 - Canadian Government and Politics II

POLS 3101 - Constitutional Politics in Canada

POLS 3205 - Canadian Provincial Politics

POLS 3231 - Representation and Recognition in Canadian Politics

POLS 3261 - Canadian Federalism

POLS 3278 - Courts and Legislatures: The Politics of Canadian Policy Making

POLS 3425 - Canadian Political Ideas

POLS 3473 - Politics and Media in Canada

Contact J.P. Lewis at 506-648-5920 or jp[dot]lewis[at]unb[dot]ca