Dr. Desserud teaches a UNBSJ Politics classWhether you choose to do a major, double-major, minor or an honours program, a political science degree will equip you with many important skills for today's society.

Studying politics will have you examining how and why governments make the decisions they do, and how these decisions then affect social, cultural, legal and economic environments in Canada and world-wide.

UNB Saint John offers courses in four major fields of politics studies:

Canadian Politics:  Studies in this field include Canadian federal and provincial governments, political parties, elections, the Constitution and New Brunswick Politics.

Comparative Politics:  This field's topics include area studies (such as Europe, Asia, or Africa), and comparisons of industrialized or developing states.

International Relations:  If you study in this field of politics, you will investigate international relations and world politics, including Canadian foreign policy, international organizations, human rights and globalization.

Political Theory:  Coursework in this field analyzes key concepts, like justice, democracy, and equality, that are found in leading history-of-political-though theorists.

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