History and Politics

History & Politics, UNB Saint John ArtsHistory at the University of New Brunswick Saint John gives students the chance to specialize in Canadian, European, British and ancient history.

The department offers a major or honours in history, which are intended to provide students with a broad knowledge in a variety of fields of history.

As a political science student, you will analyze how and why governments make the decisions they do, and to look at the impact of those decisions on citizens, social groups, business and the world community.  

With major, double major, minor and honours paths available, political science students concentrate on Canadian government, international relations, comparative politics and political theory.

The double major and minor in international studies is also within the history and politics department of UNB Saint John. This path of study introduces students to diverse cultures and societies, and provides a solid foundation for active participation in the 21st century's inter-connected world.

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