Advising for new studentsNew arts student, UNB Saint John

Students who will be starting in the January 2018 Winter term (18/WI) should review the Advising Instructions for a step by step guide to selecting your courses and review the Advising & Course Groupings sheet which lists the potential courses for you to choose from. These are the advising tools you need to select your courses for the 18/WI term along with the Arts Calendar. The Arts Calendar is extremely useful as it provides the description of each potential course that an Arts student can choose from in their first year of study.  You can register for courses once you are accepted as long as you have an internet connection.

Take a look at the new student guide for UNB Saint John students to provide you with all the tools you need to get started on your university career. From academics to student life to money matters, we're here to help.

Due to asthma and allergies please refrain from smoking and wearing perfume, cologne, deodorant, after shave, body spray and other scented products when you attend advising. Thank you.