General questions

What do I need to do if I'm returning to university study after being away for awhile?

Re-apply at the Registrar's Office if you're returning from an absence of 12 consecutive months or more from UNB.

What can I do if I've forgotten my PIN and can't remember my challenge question?

Contact the Student Technology Center at 506-657-HELP(4357). They are located on the first floor of the Hans W. Klohn Commons.  They can also be reached by email.

I've signed-up for a course with a lab component. How/when do I register for the lab?

For science courses with a lab component, please contact Amy Witkowski. Remember that the lab component is not considered a course and that only credit hours associated with a course will be counted towards the BA degree requirements. For example, GEOL 1044 will show on your transcript as 5 credit hours; however, only 3 credit hours will count towards your BA requirements.

As an Arts student, can I take a course in Sport & Exercise Psychology, Nursing, Business, or Education?

You can take courses from Sport & Exercise Psychology, but not from Nursing. You can also take Business courses, as long as you have all the prerequisites. It is best to consult with your Academic Advisor before registering for Business courses. You can take Education courses as well, up to a maximum of four term-courses in Core education. Touch base with your Academic Advisor for details.

How do I pay tuition?

You pay tuition at the Business Office, located on the first floor of Oland Hall.

Which UNB Saint John courses will transfer to another university?

The first step is to contact the university you want to attend. Have an official transcript sent from UNB Saint John Registrar's Office directly to the other university. Be prepared to submit course outlines. The other university will decide which courses may be granted transfer credit. There are no formal agreements in place between institutions. You can also review the transfer credits lookup site to see whether courses that you are taking, or plan to take, have previously been given transfer credit at UNB.

What do I do to transfer from UNB Saint John to UNB Fredericton?

You will need to seek advising from UNB Fredericton. Start by contacting the Faculty of Arts Advisor, Dr. Linda McNutt. You also need to complete a one page transfer form at the Registrar's Office.

I want to transfer to another UNB Saint John program (Nursing, Science or Business). Who do I speak to?

Contact the general office for the faculty to which you want to transfer - Nursing, Science or Business.

How do I apply to the UNB Saint John Concurrent Arts and Education program?

Learn more about our Education program through our Education Coordinator, Dr. Chiasson, in Hazen Hall 202. You can also study Education at UNB Fredericton

How do I find out about studying away or abroad for a term?

Check the student abroad site for all the details.

How do I find a professor's phone number or e-mail address?

You can find a professor's phone number or email with the UNB phonebook.

What do I do if I have an issue with a course or professor?

It is recommended that you first speak to your professor to try and resolve the issue. If this is not successful, the next step is to make an appointment to see the Chairperson of the Department where the professor works.