In the first two years of your arts degree, you will be encouraged to choose introductory courses across a wide range of subjects. This will give you a strong foundation to plan for and follow your desired field (major). In the second half of your degree, you will declare your major and take courses primarily in that discipline.

Advising Main

Academic advisors help students...

  • make sense of their plans and aspirations,
  • harness their strengths and interests, and
  • develop an academic plan that articulates these things while satisfying the requirements of their chosen degree program in support of their career planning.

Academic advisors also help you, as a student,...

  • learn and understand policies and regulations,
  • access campus resources, and
  • enhance your skills while becoming a self-directed life-long learner and innovator.

In other words, academic advising is more than just picking courses and checking for completed requirements. Enchance your academic experiences at UNB by meeting with your academic advisor early in your studies.

Responsibilities of Students in Advising

  • Consult with your academic advisor once per year, or once per term, or whenever necessary.
  • Clarify personal interests and goals to your academic advisor.
  • Be prepared for advising with questions and/or materials for discussion. (Examples of materials: preferred class schedules, admission requirements for intended programs/degrees, etc.).
  • Follow-through on action items after advising sessions and accept responsibility for decisions.  (Examples of action items: class registration, use writing/math help centre, attend Career Counselling, visit Student Employment Service, etc.).
  • Understand academic regulations, and know important academic dates. (Examples: plagiarism, add and drop dates, application to graduate deadline, etc.)
  • Maintain a Self-Tracking Degree Audit (STDA) of progress towards goals and completion of program requirements.
Your Academic Advisor

New & Continuing 1st and 2nd Year Students: Tanya Pitt
Oland Hall, Room G12
Telephone: (506) 648-5722

Transfer Credit Coordinator

Transfer Students: 
Registrar's Office, Oland Hall, 1st Floor
Telephone: (506) 648-5670