Dan Blustein 

Dan Blustein is a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering. His interdisciplinary research combines neuroscience, mathematics and engineering to investigate how humans plan and make movements. Dr. Blustein’s work aims to expand what is known about our nervous systems in order to improve upper limb prostheses.

In the photo, Dan Blustein tests out a 3D virtual reality system with integrated force feedback that he built to study how humans make movements. The device he’s holding provides pinpoint position information and can produce forces so the user can actually "feel" the 3D images that are displayed.

He is part of a large team working across North America to develop new prosthetic technologies with the primary focus to provide an intuitive sense of touch to users of these devices. Dr. Blustein also works closely with the team at the Atlantic Clinic for Upper Limb Prosthetics (located in the same building as the IBME) to develop tools to assess the performance of these next generation devices.