Diploma in Transportation

The Diploma program is designed for those who are currently practising as transportation specialists. The objective is to provide an opportunity for those who have significant operational experience to upgrade their skills and knowledge. Depending on the applicant's experience, a related degree is not necessarily a requirement for entry into the program. Applicants will be considered on an individual basis. The Diploma may be taken through two terms of full-time study, or it can be pursued on a part-time basis.

Program Requirements

Twenty credit hours of course work with a requirement of two core courses plus six more approved elective courses.

Core Courses: (6 credit hours)

CE6283 - Transportation Policy

ECON6803 - Transportation Problem and Policies or other equivalents

Elective Courses: (14 credit hours)

CE3201 - Introduction to Transportation Engineering

CE3963 - Engineering Economy

CE5313 - Urban Planning

CE6203 - Transportation Planning and Modelling

CE6206 - Pavement Management Systems

CE6207 - Asset Management Systems

CE6210 - Spatial Economic Modelling for Integrated Land Use Planning

CE6214 - Transport Simulation

CE6215 - GIS-Transportation

CE6222 - Traffic Engineering

CE6223 - Road Safety Engineering

CE6232 - Transport Facility Design

CE6245 - Transportation Operations & Logistics

CE6293 - Transportation Seminar

CE6303 - Urban Planning