Services & Costs

Prices are in Canadian dollars. Last updated February 2016. New pricing effective from Feb. 11, 2016.

Cost of Analysis:

  • $15.00/sample for carbon & nitrogen (includes d13C, d15N, %C, %N, C:N)
  • $30.00/sample for samples on glass fiber filters
    • It is recommended that an electric pump be used to filter water in order to ensure an adequate amount of material is collected. Please send several blank filters (2 for every 30). There is no guarantee for data generated from glass fiber filter papers.
  • $20.00/sample for hydrogen (solid samples only, includes dD and %D)

Weighing Samples:

  • $6.00/sample for homogenous dry ground tissue
  • $8.00/sample for any samples that require subsampling (e.g. feathers, fur, fins, and scales)
  • $5.00/sample for grinding

Drying Samples in Oven:

  • $1.00/sample
  • Note: It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that 'fresh' samples submitted for drying are contained in oven-safe vials. Furthermore, if fresh samples are sent in vials taller than 8cm, the sample will be transferred into glass scintillation vials at the client's expense.

An example of appropriate vials for storing samples


  • $50.00/hour
    • This includes any treatment of samples prior to oven-drying (e.g. decanting ethanol and rinsing samples with distilled water, moving frozen samples into glass scintillation vials, dissections, etc.)
  • $10.00/sample for lipid extractions and/or acid treatment

Additional charges may be applied to samples not meeting required submission standards.

Discount pricing may be applied to bulk orders (5% for 200+ samples, 10% for 500+ samples and 15% for 2000+samples). As of June 1, 2012 the SINLAB no longer provides discounts over multiple shipments.

Carbon and nitrogen isotopic ratios are simultaneously derived during sample analysis. Hence, the price per sample includes both isotopes (unless the C:N dictates separate analysis).


Effective November 1, 2010, all stable isotope analyses requiring a legal contract will be subject to a 15% overhead charge.  This overhead will cover the additional administrative costs as per the partnership agreement between the University of New Brunswick (UNB) and the Canadian Rivers Institute (CRI).


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