Undergraduate Students

Samantha Purdy (Current)

A social network analysis of a source water protection organization in the Niagara Region.

Andrew Sokolowski (2008-2009)

River Management: The Challenge of the Commons.

Jessica McGarry (2008-2009)

Evaluating the Effectiveness of a Stewardship Program to Enhance Source Water Protection.

Jonas Velaniškis (2007-2008)

Sustainable Development Policies in Municipal Community Plans.

Emily McIntyre (2007-2008)

Volunteers in Environmental Organizations: Benefits, Barriers and Best Practices.

Ashley Stock (2005-2006)

A Canadian Angler Diary Program – A Methodology.

Elizabeth Lawson (2005-2006)

Sustainable Development in Canada's National Parks.

Michael Grant (2005-2006)

An Assessment of Outdoor Recreation and Sustainable Design Principles - The Bruce Trail.

Jennifer Fresque (2004-2005)

The Integration of Ecological and Social Indicators in Visitor Management Frameworks for Parks and Protected Areas.

Adrianne Cunningham (2004-2005)

Conflict Between Skiers and Snowboarders at Kelso Conservation Area: Implications for Management.

Jodi Johnston (2004-2005)

The Effectiveness of Minimum Impact Education on Cognitive and Behavioural Domains of High School Students.

Andrew Spiers (2002-2003)

Conflict in Ontario Provincial Park.