Current Projects

Current research focuses on several areas, including: contaminant fate and transport in groundwater flow systems; developing and applying numerical models that incorporate the salient processes so that groundwater flow systems and the fate of contaminants can be better understood; and improving the understanding of hydraulic, thermal, and geochemical processes during groundwater-surface water interactions (e.g. riverbank filtration for water supply, nutrient transport to estuaries).

Current projects include:

  1. Nitrogen fluxes from groundwater and streams to Prince Edward Island estuaries experiencing nutrient over-enrichment (Serban Danielescu, PhD)
  2. River-well field interactions and their relationship to loss of well yield, North Battleford, Saskatchewan (Sylvie Morton, MScE)
  3. Numerical simulation of multicomponent reactive transport and N-isotopes in manure-lagoon contaminant plumes (Emmanuel Dumont, MScE)
  4. Integrating 3D geospatial models with transport models for fractured rock (Daniela Blessent, PhD, Université Laval)
  5. Technical and economic aspects of well field protection (Ryan Dunbar, MScE)

The application of multicomponent reactive transport modeling to issues related to deep geological repositories for nuclear waste is also an area that is currently being pursued in collaboration with Dr. Uli Mayer of UBC.