Allen Curry's Lab

Current Graduate Students

Dan Beveridge

Monica Shaver Finley

Mark Gautreau

(Co-supervised by Stephen Peake)

MSc Candidate

Evaluating fish passage through fishways and culverts using PIT tags and gait transition.

Lindsay Graye

Janet Jorgensen

Murray Somers

Nathan Wilbur

MScE Candidate

Completed Graduate Students


Brendan Galloway (2005)

(Co-supervised with Kelly Munkittrick)

Cumulative impacts of human impacts on fishes in the Saint John River.

Current position: Consultant, Golder and Associates, Calgary AB


Erin Barry

Mercury pathways and trophic interactions in NB lakes.

Current position: Fisheries Biologist, Wisconsin DNR

Eric Chernoff

Early life history of anadromous brook trout.

Current position: Fisheries Biologist, AMEC International

Andrea Chute

Trophic ecology of juvenile Arctic charr, Salvelinus alpinus, in a tundra watershed of northern Labrador, Canada.

Sean Corrigan

Fish community of rockweed in the southwestern Bay of Fundy.

Current position: Fisheries Officer, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Truro NS

David Courtemanche

Using strontium analyses to characterize the migration behaviour of anadromous brook trout.

Current position: Biologist, DFO, QU

Steve Currie

Winter ecology of young smallmouth bass:  implications for water level management.

Current position: Fisheries Biologist, ON

Chad Doherty (2004)

(Co-supervised with Kelly Munkittrick)

Movement patterns of fishes in large rivers.

Current position: Fish Biologist, NB Department of Natural Resources

Jonathan Freedman

Fish community of NB lakes.

Current position: PhD candidate PSU

Dale Hansen

Interactions of alewife and smallmouth bass.

Current position: Biologist, USFWS, Wisconsin

Heather Lamson

(Co-supervised with D. Cairns)

Ecology of American eels.

Olivia Logan

(Co-supervised with Joseph Culp)

Flow and sediment controls of biota.

Current position: Biologist, Gemtec Inc.

Scott MacNeill

Effects of sediment on brook trout reproduction and production on PEI.

Current position: Biologist, Dillon and Associates, NWT

Sean Rogers

Population genetics of brook trout in the Miramichi River watershed.

Current position: Postdoctoral Fellow UBC

Jennifer Shaw

Growth of dwarf smelt.

Marc Skinner (2005)

(Co-supervised with Simon Courtenay)

Movements and site fidelity in mummichogs.

Current position: PhD candidate, CRI/UNB

David Sparks

Migration and reproductive ecology of sea-run brook trout in the Kennebecasis River, NB.

Current position: Consultant

Jacob van de Sande

Seasonal movement patterns and habitat use of anadromous brook charr in freshwater, estuarine and marine environments.

Current position: Biologist, Maine Salmon Rivers