Salomé Menezes

PhD, CESAM/Department of Biology
University of Aveiro (Aveiro, Portugal)

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Phone: (351) 234370790

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Supervisor: Dr. Donald Baird

I am mainly interested in the study of freshwater macroinvertebrate communities of different climatic regions, aiming to test if more generic approaches can be applied in the prediction of sensitivities to land-use changes. I am mainly focusing in agricultural stressors like pesticides, nutrient input and sedimentation and in highlighting differential sensitivities to these stressors by using species traits. This project is currently being undertaken simultaneously in Portugal/Spain (under the supervision of Amadeu Soares), Canada (leading me to work in collaboration with the CRI and UNB under the supervision of Donald Baird) and Costa Rica (a collaboration with IRET/National University and supervision by Luisa Castillo).

Previous research work led me to participate in the project CONTROL - Cost-Effective Methods for the Monitorization of Environmental Contamination and Risk Assessment in the Coastal Zone and Estuaries. Work was carried out in the University of Aveiro (with Amadeu Soares) and in the Center for Environmental Research of the University of Sessex - Brighton, U.K. (with Mika Peck).


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