Graduate Students

What does the CRI do?

Our purpose is to advance aquatic sciences research and provide education on the structure and function of fresh water and estuarine ecosystems, improving planning and management to promote sustainable use of water resources.
And to do so as: 

  • A multi-disciplinary centre of excellence for advancing river, estuarine and watershed sciences and promoting healthy waterways.
  • The institution of choice for world class education in aquatic sciences, creating a new generation of informed and engaged professionals.

What do our students study & research?

Graduate students affiliated with the Canadian Rivers Institute pursue their research and studies under the supervision of one or more science directors and/or Associates. Research topics are broad ranging and include: effects of agriculture on brook trout reproduction, the effect of mercury in lakes, sustainability of fish species in environmental monitoring systems, food web dynamics, stable isotope studies......and many others.

What do our students say about the CRI?

Nathan Wilbur

I really enjoy being part of the CRI! So far it has been a wonderful opportunity to meet truly interesting people who are working on cutting edge research. It’s been wonderful to meet our guest speakers in the Hynes lecture series, meet other graduate students in the CRI (especially at the retreat) and be part of such an exciting, multidisciplinary research group. Alexa Alexander

Lots of friends & socializing; getting to talk about your newest ideas. Lots of discussion. Makes it easier to link with aquatic ecologists in other parts of Canada. Social and Biophysical River science. Great way to keep up to date on what everybody else is doing with respect to their research! Introduces you to possible career paths. Laura Noel

Can be summed up into several words: opportunity, knowledge, and fun.  It has been through CRI that I was able to meet and introduce myself to experts in the river industry. Jen. V.

Discovering Graduate Research Opportunities

Meghan Doyle

If you would like to discuss pursuing your research and studies with the Canadian Rivers Institute, we would like to hear from you. You may contact: one of our Science directors directly, our Director , or our CRI Corporate Office where we will be pleased to help you.  Please also see our Opportunities page. 

Link to UNB, International Recruitment Centre newsletter highlighting the CRI.