Current Graduate Students


Research basecamp,Torngat Mountains, Labrador. Northern Lights experience and photo by Graduate Student, Andrea (Dea) Chute, winner of 2009-10 Best Photo (Habitat), CBC Nature of Things photo contest.

Our graduate students can be found in many locations around the globe.

To find the home base of our CRI students and their supervising Fellows and/or Associates please use the following list of graduates, or visit supervising Science Directors and/or Associates pages to view graduate students by lab.

CRI Science Directors

CRI Associates

If you are not able to find the information using these tools, please email the CRI and we will be happy to assist you.


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Alexander, Alexa (supervised by Joseph Culp)

Arens, Collin (supervised by Michael van den Heuvel)


Balram, Christopher (supervised by Katy Haralampides)

Barrett, Tim (supervised by Kelly Munkittrick)

Barth, C. (supervised by Stephan Peake)

Batchelar, Katharina (supervised by Karen Kidd)

Beveridge, Dan (supervised by Allen Curry and André St. Hilaire)

Bowron, Lisa (supervised by Kelly Munkittrick)


Cárdenas, Paulina Bahamonde (supervised by Christ Martyniuk and Kelly Munkittrick)

Cave, Kate (supervised by Ryan Plummer)

Charest, Michelle (supervised by Rick Cunjak and Brittany Graham)

Clayden, Meredith (supervised by Karen Kidd)

Coffin, Mike (supervised by Michael van den Heuvel)

Corey, Emily (supervised by Rick Cunjak and Tommi Linnansaari)

Crocker, Jeff (supervised by Donald Baird)

Curry, Colin (supervised by Donald Baird)


Danielescu, S. (supervised by Kerry MacQuarrie)

Debertin, Allan (supervised by Simon Courtenay and Mark Hanson)

Deslauriers, David (supervised by James Kieffer)

Dickison, Sarah (supervised by Simon Courtenay)

Doyle, Meghan (supervised by Christ Martyniuk and Kelly Munkittrick)

Dumont, Emmanuel (supervised by Kerry MacQuarrie)

Dunbar, R. (supervised by Kerry MacQuarrie)

Dyck, Thomas (supervised by Ryan Plummer)


Emerson, Pete (supervised by Rick Cunjak)


Finley, Monica Shaver (supervised by Allen Curry and Karen Kidd)


Gautreau, Mark (supervised by Allen Curry)

Graye, Lindsay (supervised by Allen Curry)

Gregory, Garry (supervised by Michael van den Heuvel)

Guillemette, Nicolas (supervised by André St. Hilaire)


Hallet, Jason (supervised by Simon Courtenay and David Cairns)

Henderson, L (supervised by Stephan Peake)

Higgins, Hélène (supervised by André St. Hilaire)

Hrenchuk, Claire (supervised by Stephan Peak)


Ispen, Erinn (supervised by Simon Courtenay and David Methven)


James, Rachel (supervised by Katy Haralampides)

Jorgensen, Janet (supervised by Allen Curry)

Joshi, Deepti (supervised by André St. Hilaire)


Keppel, Elise (supervised by Simon Courtenay and Ricardo Scrosati)

Klassen, C. (supervised by Stephan Peake)


Labadie, H. (supervised by Stephan Peake)

LeBlanc, Heidi (supervised by Joseph Culp)

Leclaire, Liane (supervised by Michael van den Heuvel)

Lescord, Gretchen (supervised by Karen Kidd)

Lister, A. (supervised by Deborah MacLatchy)


MacDonald, Gillian (supervised by Michael van den Heuvel)

Marr, Joshua (supervised by Christ Martyniuk)

Matheron, Danika (supervised by Katy Haralampides)

Matteau, Martin (supervised by André St. Hilaire)

McBriarty, Geoff (supervised by Karen Kidd and L. Burridge)

McCracken, Heather (supervised by Rick Cunjak)

McGraw, Mark (supervised by Simon Courtenay and David Methven)

Meina, Esteban, Gillio (supervised by Deborah MacLatchy)

Mocq, Julien (supervised by Rick Cunjak and André St. Hilaire)

Morton, S. (supervised by Kerry MacQuarrie)

Musetta-Lambert, Jordan (supervised by Simon Courtenay)


Newton, Brent (supervised by Katy Haralampides)

Noel, Laura (supervised by Joseph Culp)


Orlofske, Jessica (supervised by Donald Baird)

Ornostay, Anna (supervised by Christ Martyniuk)

Ouellet, Valerie (supervised by André St. Hilaire)


Phalen, Laura (supervised by Michael van den Heuvel)

Penny, Faith (supervised by James Kieffer)

Proux-McInnis, Sandra (supervised by André St. Hilaire)



Rathwell, Kaitlyn (supervised by Ryan Plummer)

Ritcey, Allison (supervised by Joseph Culp)

Roloson, Scott (supervised by Michael van den Heuvel)

Rutherford, R. (supervised by Deborah MacLatchy)


Samways, Kurt (supervised by Rick Cunjak)

Scott, Brad (supervised by Michael van den Heuvel)

Scott, P. (supervised by Deborah MacLatchy)

Sollows, Mary (supervised by Kelly Munkittrick)

Somers, Gila (supervised by Kelly Munkittrick)

Somers, Murray (supervised by Allen Curry)

Sumith, Jayakody (supervised by Kelly Munkittrick)

Sweezey, Michael (supervised by Simon Courtenay and Marie Clement)


Tardif, Simon (supervised by André St. Hilaire)

Tomie, Jared (supervised by Simon Courtenay and David Cairns)



van Tol, Elaine (supervised by Ryan Plummer)

von der Porten, Sue (supervised by Ryan Plummer)

Vue, Sherr (supervised by Rick Cunjak)


Wellman, Shelley (supervised by Karen Kidd)

Wilbur, Nathan (supervised by Allen Curry and Kerry MacQuarrie)

Wodja, Mark (supervised by Katy Haralampides)