2004 - Dr. Joseph Rasmussen, University of Lethbridge

Dr. Joseph Rasmussen

Joseph Rasmussen presented papers entitled "Resident versus migratory salmonids: consequences of river fragmentation". Dr. Rasmussen holds a Canada Research Chair in Aquatic Ecosystems at the Water Institute for Semi-arid Ecosystems (WISE), University of Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada.

He is a professor of biological sciences and his interests include aquatic ecology, food web energetics, and conservation. He is most interested in the effects of human activities on ecosystem function, fisheries, and water quality.

These include: contamination (by metals, pesticides, sewage), watershed alteration (land use, impoundments, irrigation) and exotic species introductions. His laboratory has made important contributions of the development of modeling techniques based on isotopic tracers and their application in aquatic science and management. Poster

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