Species At Risk

Bicknell's Thrush (photo by Hubert Askanas).Populations of species recognised to be at risk from environmental change – particularly change due to human activities – require particular attention. Often they cannot be investigated in as much detail as might be possible with non-threatened species. Our current research in this category is on Bicknell's Thrush in northern New Brunswick (Hubert Askanas's and Chelsae Postma's projects), and work is starting on the vulnerable Barbuda Warbler in the West Indies (Kevin Mahabir's project).

Mark MacDonald's Master's research on sexing Nihoa Millerbirds in the field, and verifying that Laysan Island would provide adequate resources for a translocated population, provided crucial evidence to support the subsequent translocations by U.S. conservation agencies of this critically endangered bird from Nihoa to Laysan Island.