Current Lab Members

Kevin Mahabir is completing a Master's study of the single-island endemic Barbuda Warbler.

Chelsae Postma is using digital acoustic recordings to assess habitat of Bicknell's Thrush in New Brunswick.

Katherine Shlepr is starting her Master's work in answering the question: Does specialized foraging behaviour lead to differential nesting success in Herring Gulls that breed in the lower Bay of Fundy.

Lauren Scopel is investigating the causes of the Arctic Tern colony collapse on Machias Seal Island, and the consequences for the rest of the tern metapopulation.

Stephanie Symons is exploring the habitat use and movements of Atlantic Puffins and Razorbills on Machias Seal Island. In particular, where are these birds foraging and what features make for a quality foraging site?

Chris Ward has begun (May 2016) his M.Sc.F. using radio-tracking to determine home range sizes of Bicknell's thrush breeding in north-central New Brunswick.