Invitation to Parents 

We are inviting your child(ren) to participate in a project that involves a partnership between researchers at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), staff at the New Brunswick Departments of Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour, and Education and Early Childhood Development as well as administrators from UNB, St. Thomas University, Mount Allison and Université de Moncton.  We will deliver labour market information via seminars to 300 graduating high school students who represent the Anglophone, Francophone and Aboriginal population in New Brunswick.  The seminars will take place during school hours.  They are interactive and will be about an hour long.  Following the seminar we will ask your child to complete a short survey providing some information about themselves, their future plans and their impressions of the information they received.  We will also track your child’s post-secondary decisions via her/his New Brunswick Education Number to see whether or not s/he enrolled in one of the universities in the province, her/his field of study, and year of completion.  The students will be from 10 high schools around New Brunswick, 5 of these high schools will be a part of the experimental group; this group will receive both a labour market seminar as well as be part of an auto-application process where students will be given the opportunity to apply to all four universities in New Brunswick (University of New Brunswick, St. Thomas University, Mount Alison University and Universite de Moncton). The second group of 5 high schools will be a part of the control group, which will receive the labour market seminar.