Invitation to Adminstrators

We want to invite you and your school to participate in a project that involves a partnership between researchers at the University of New Brunswick (UNB), staff at the New Brunswick Departments of Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour, and Education and Early Childhood Development as well as administrators from UNB, St. Thomas University, Mount Allison and Université de Moncton. 

Some students face a diversity of financial, familial, social, or cultural capital challenges that prevent them from applying to, or enrolling in, university. They are most likely to have the natural ability, but not the credentials, to gain appropriate employment in the province or region. They are therefore also the group for which an intervention to increase enrolment will yield the greatest benefits.  It is this group of graduating high school students to which the project is directed and which we want you to help us to identify.  

We will deliver labour market information via seminars to a total of 300 graduating high school students from 10 schools who represent the Anglophone, Francophone and Aboriginal population in New Brunswick.  Following the seminar we will ask the students to complete a short survey providing some demographic information, their future plans and impressions of the information they received.  For 150 students in 5 schools, this will essentially be the extent of their active involvement in the project, they will make up the “control group.” 

In the other 5 schools, we will collect the necessary information in order to carry out the application process to any or all of the province’s four universities on behalf of the other 150 students as well as provide information about the financial assistance available.  These students will be part of the “experimental group.”  The university application fees will be paid for these students through funding that we received from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada.  We will also ensure that the transcript of the students’ marks will be forwarded to the appropriate universities.  

Schools will be assigned randomly to either the control or experimental group after all 10 schools have agreed to participate.  We will track all 300 students’ post-secondary decisions via their New Brunswick Education Number to see whether or not they enrolled in one of the universities in the province, their field of study, and year of completion.  The research will compare the post-graduation pathways of the students in the control and experimental groups with each other and with the graduating student population in the province.  For the 150 students in the experimental group who decide to enroll in university, we will contact them during their studies to ask some further questions.