Five Changes Coming to Print Services at UNB

Over the next year, UNB will see five major changes for purchasing print and promotional material.

1. Print Services: online submissions, request tracking, consultations and product samples

Print Services is reviewing all current processes and making improvements to provide a great customer experience. Some of the changes in development are:

  • moving print and quote requests to an easy and convenient online form
  • a new inventory system
  • a request tracking tool to improve the ongoing management through each stage of a print job
  • gathering product samples

2. Needs Assessment: identify faculty and department print and promotional requirements

Print Services will meet with each UNB faculty and department to explain the new process/model and to determine annual needs for professional print and promotional items.

3. Request for Proposal: outsourced print and promotional goods and services

UNB will use the information from the needs assessment meetings to develop and distribute an RFP for professional print and promotional material. Suppliers are expected be selected by July 2018.

4. Print Management: Print Services to manage UNB requests for print and promotional material

Faculty and departmental requests for professional print and promotional material will flow through Print Services. Experienced staff will evaluate each request and will work with the requesting faculty or department to determine whether jobs will be completed in-house or outsourced to an awarded supplier based on price, delivery date, quality, and complexity ensuring UNB is receiving the best value.

5. Onboarding: thoughtful approach to introducing new process to faculties and departments

Onboarding will begin in February 2018 and will continue through August 2018 at which point the new print and promotional procurement model will be fully implemented across UNB.


If you have any questions or would like to meet to discuss these upcoming changes in person, please contact: