Setup Your Email/Calendar

The following instructions detail how to setup your UNB email account with the Windows 8 Mail app. This process will also automatically sync your UNB Calendar and Contacts with their respective apps.

Note: You will require a personal Microsoft account (,,, etc.) in order to use the Windows 8 Mail app.

1. Open the Mail app from the Metro interface.

Step 1

2. If you are already logged into the Mail app, skip to Step 3. Otherwise, if you see the Add your Microsoft account box below, enter your personal Microsoft email address and password then click Save.

Step 2

3. Open the Charm bar by either pressing the Windows logo key + c or, if you have a touch screen, slide from the right side of the screen. From the Charm bar, click Settings

Step 3

4. Under Settings, select Accounts.

Step 4
5. Click Add an account, then Outlook.

Step 5

6. Begin by typing in your UNB Email address (including the '') and Password. Click Show more details (do not click Connect yet).

Step 6

7. In the Server address field type and in the Username field type your UNB LoginID followed by '’. Leave the Domain field blank. Click Connect

Step 7

8. In the Make my PC more secure window click Enforce these policies.

Step 8

9. Your Windows 8 Mail App should now be setup to receive UNB email.