Conference Calling

Conference calling allows you to meet with colleges over the phone with no special equipment required but a phone line. Once all participants are connected into the conference call, everyone can speak normally and join in the discussion, just as if they were seated around a boardroom table.

VoIP conference calling

To start a conference call with 3 or more people:

  1. Place or receive a call.
  2. Press the ‘More’ button then the ‘Confrn’ button.
  3. Place your second call.
  4. Press the ‘Confrn’ button again.
  5. Press the ‘More’ button then the ‘ConfList’ button to view and remove participants.

To join two conversations together:

  1. Place or receive your first call.
  2. Place or receive your second call.
  3. Press the ‘More’ button then the ‘Select’ button.
  4. Use the Navigation buttons to hi-lite the second phone conversation.
  5. Press the ‘More’ button then the ‘Select’ button.
  6. Press ‘Join’.

Bell Aliant teleconferencing

UNB leverages Bell Aliant to provide advance teleconferencing services. Standard features include:

  • Meet Me - participant dial in; Toll-free service available; and security access
  • Optional operator assistance
  • Lecture Mode - mutes all participants, the chairperson enables/disables
  • 24 Hour Support / 7 Days per week from the Bell Aliant Reservation Centre
  • Bilingual Service
  • Music on Hold

Getting started

  1. You will need a UNB phone number to bill the conference call to.
  2. Contact Bell Aliant at 1-800-561-7338 to order your conference call. You'll be asked to provide your email address to have your conference call phone number, conference ID and moderator PIN emailed to you within 30 minutes.
  3. When asked what type of conference call you would like to order, select 'Subscription'. This is the pay-as-you-talk line ($0.25 per caller per minute) and can be used once a week or once a year, and never expires. 

Support for Bell Aliant teleconferencing

Please contact the Bell Aliant Conference Center at 1-800-561-7338 or by email if you experience issues with your registration or conference call. ITS is unable to provide support for Bell Aliant Teleconferencing.