Setup eduroam

Eduroam LogoUNB is the first university in Atlantic Canada to offer eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing). eduroam allows you to easily connect to the internet using your own laptop while visiting other eduroam institutions.


Before you leave:

  • Set up your laptop or mobile device to connect to myUNB WiFi using the 'Wireless Instructions' link (displayed in red) in the right-hand menu. Print these instructions and take them with you
  • Test eduroam at UNB before you leave (see instructions below).

When you arrive at your destination:

  1. Select 'eduroam' from the list of available networks. 
  2. Configure eduroam using the myUNB WiFi instructions you brought with you.
  3. When asked for your user name and password, enter:
    • your 'UNB login'
    • your 'UNB password'

When you're finished:

  • Remove eduroam from your list of wireless networks (this will allow your computer or mobile device to rediscover the network at your next destination).

Support for eduroam

If you have any questions, please contact the UNB IT Service Desk (not the institution you are visiting).

Restrictions for All eduroam Users

  • Become familiar with the local institution's policies on wireless usage.
  • Security restrictions placed on eduroam network users are at the discretion of the local institution. At the very minimum, eduroam provides basic networking connectivity, including web browsing (HTTP/HTTPS), secure shell (SSH), VPN and email access.