Setup Outlook 2007 on your personal computer

To set up Outlook 2007 for your UNB email on your personal (non-UNB) computer, do the following:

1.    If you are doing this from off campus, please connect to the UNB network through the VPN.  The VPN should only be required during the initial setup.

2.    Go to 'Start' > ‘Control Panel’ and in the top right corner, change the view to ‘Small Icons’. Click the ‘Mail (32-bit)’ icon then click ‘Show Profiles’.

step 2

3.    ‘Remove’ all profiles from the list.   Note, this will not delete any data.

step 3

4.    Log-off and Log back on to your computer.

5.    Open Outlook. You will be prompted to create a new Outlook profile.  Type ‘Outlook’ and select ‘OK’.

step 5

6.    Select ‘Manually configure server settings or additional server types’. Click ‘Next’.

step 6

7.    Select ‘Microsoft Exchange’. Click ‘Next’.

step 7

8.    In the server field, type "".

9.    Uncheck 'Use Cached Exchange Mode'.

10.    Enter your UNB Login ID (without the into the ‘User Name’ field.

11.    Click ‘More Settings’.

step 11

12.    A window will open asking for a user name and password. In the User name box, type "UNBDOMAIN\UserID", where ‘UserID’ is your UNB Login ID without the Type your UNB password then click ‘OK’.

step 12

13.    Select the ‘Connection’ tab along the top of the window.

14.    Check the box next to ‘Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP’.

15.    Then click ‘Exchange Proxy Settings’.

step 15

16.    Under ‘Use this URL to connect to my proxy server for Exchange’, enter "".

17.    Check the box next to ‘Only connect to proxy servers that have this principal name in their certificate’, and in the box below, enter "".

18.    Click the drop down menu below ‘Proxy authentication settings’. Select ‘Basic Authentication’. Click ‘OK’.

step 18

19.    Click ‘OK’ in the other open window.

20.    There will be a pop-up that says ‘You must restart Outlook for these changes to take effect’.  Click ‘OK’.

step 20

21.    Click 'Next'.

22.    Click 'Finish'.

step 22

23.    You may be prompted to enter your credentials a second time. Please do so following the same instructions as Step 12.

Congratulations – Outlook 2007 is now ready to use