Web Print

Web Print can be used if you are using your personal machine on campus or if you wish to print while in a different department and do not wish to install the printer on your machine.

Step One: Go to https://printing.unb.ca

Step Two: Enter your UNB login ID and Password.

Step Three: Click 'Choose File' and select the document you wish to print.

Step Four: Click 'Next'.

Step Five: Select the printer you wish to print to from the 'My Printers' menu.

Step Six: The 'Advanced' option will allow you to select how many copies, dual-sided, etc.

Step Seven: Click the printer button to print your job.

Uploading a Document to Print within Web Print

My Printers

My Printers is a list of your favorite, or most commonly used, printers that you use.  Having this option set up will save you time by populating the list of printers (Step Five above) with only the printers you have selected (you won't see all the printers on campus). 

To setup My Printers:

Step One: Click 'My Printers' and it will populate a list of printers you can use.

Step Two: In the list of available printers, check off 'Favorite' next to your preferred printers. You can select multiple printers as your favorites.  If desired, you can also provide printers with a nickname to make them easier to distinguish from others.

Step Three: Click 'Save Changes'.

Step Four: Click 'Web Print' to go back to the main screen.

My Printers Interface Image