Setup Printing

To install a printer, please follow the instructions below:

Step One: For Konica Minolta drivers, please visit ITS's Downloads website and select the appropriate driver for your printer model. Once it is downloaded, run the installer.

Screenshot of Konica Minolta driver download

If you need to install the driver for a printer other than Konica Minolta, please visit the manufacturer’s website and browse for their support/downloads page to find the appropriate driver.

If you cannot find the correct driver for the printer, continue to Step Two.

Step Two:  Go to your System Preferences then click on Printers & Scanners

Setup printing - Step 1

Step Three:  Click on the (+) icon. 

Setup printing - Step 2

Note:  if the lock in the bottom-left of the screen is locked, click it and type in the computer’s credentials (i.e. Username: Admin, Password: your computer’s admin password).  Your UNB ID and password will not work.

You will need to wait a few seconds and all printers on campus will be auto-populated.  Scroll through the list of printers until you locate the name of the printer you want to setup.  Note: make sure ‘Default’ is selected.

There will be two types of printers listed broken down by campus (FR/SJ):

•    Manx are charged printers (such as student printers)

•    Wisp are non-charged printers (such as departmental printers)

Step Four:  Depending on the printer selected, it should automatically populate the ‘Use’ field.

  • If it doesn't, select ‘Select a driver to use’ from the ‘Use’ dropdown menu.
    • Choose 'Select Software' and choose the correct driver that you installed. You can use the search filter to narrow down the results.
  • If no driver is available for the printer, choose 'PCL Generic Driver' in the 'Use' field.

Step Five:  Click Add.  You have successfully added your printer.