Fees and Scholarships

2016-2017 Full-Time International Undergraduate Student Fees

Costs (Canadian currency)Saint John campusFredericton campus
International tuition $14,996 $14,996
Student fees $810.00 $964.00
Health insurance* $966.00 $966.00
Residences/meals** $6,826 $8,896
Books/supplies $2,000 $2,000

Engineering students are required to pay an additional $1000/year.

Payment Deadlines: Students are required to pay tuition and fees at the beginning of each semester. Refer to Financial Services for payment deadlines and procedures.


To offset some of the costs of a university education, UNB offers millions of dollars in scholarship support each year.

The University of New Brunswick welcomes all International students who study at our campuses. International students can be considered for scholarship support upon admission to UNB as well as throughout their years of undergraduate study at UNB. The primary consideration for scholarship support at UNB is academic achievement so keep your grades up and study hard!

All students interested in being considered for scholarship support need to apply to be considered. Eligible international students include high school applicants, students transferring from another post-secondary institution as well as students continuing their studies at UNB. Please select the appropriate link below that best describes you, so you can find out more about available opportunities.

Financial Aid

Students in financial need may be eligible for assistance. These are meant to supplement a student’s resources for University, not replace them. Needs-based support is handled through the Financial Aid offices in Saint John and in Fredericton.

External Scholarships & Financial Aid

International students may also be eligible for scholarships or bursaries funded and administered by external organizations.