Prospective Agents & Representatives

Thank you for your interest in representing the University of New Brunswick as an agent, representative, consultant, or application assistant. 

UNB enlists a very limited number of high-quality recruitment representatives to recruit students on our behalf from around the world. Our screening and training processes comply with national standards.

Contracted representatives provide us with top student applications for:

  • our undergraduate programs (both campuses)
  • our 12-month intensive MBA program (Saint John campus)
  • certain English Language courses (Saint John campus)

UNB does not sign agents to represent any other programs. Students interested in graduate studies must contact the School of Graduate Studies in person.

Applying to become a UNB agent

Agents interested in working with UNB must first apply to become an undergraduate agent. Typically, only once agents have established a successful working relationship with the University will they be considered for pre-MBA and/or MBA representation.

To apply to become a UNB agent, you must complete a 2-step screening process:

Step 1: Submit the following information to

  • Detailed information about you and, if applicable, your company
  • Detailed information about your primary recruitment market(s), including cities, recruitment tactics, and targets
  • Contact information for three references from Canadian Universities with whom you have worked in the past (scanned reference letters will not suffice).

The Director of International Recruitment will review these documents to determine whether your services align with UNB's recruitment standards, strategy, and goals. Your references will be contacted directly.

Please refrain from sending generic advertisements, flyers, etc. These will not be considered. Voicemail messages and mass emails will also not be considered.
The Director of International Recruitment may at any time decline to accept applications from agents in which UNB has sufficient representation.

Step 2: Contract

Approved agents are placed on a standard, one-year trial period contract and will be provided with comprehensive training on UNB programs and basic admission requirements.

During the trial period, agents are expected to recruit a prescribed number of students to UNB. The prescribed number will depend on your market and UNB's goals. Agents are only compensated for applications submitted during the contract period. UNB agent compensation rate is in keeping with industry standard.

Agents who successfully recruit the prescribed number of students during the trial period, and conduct business ethically and professionally to the credit of students and conduct business ethically and professionally to the credit of students, may be invited to enter into a formal representation agreement with UNB for a longer term.

All successful agents/representatives must sign UNB's standard Representation Agreement.