Agents and Representatives

Like many Canadian universities, UNB works with a limited number of high-quality representatives, or "agents", around the globe to make our programs more accessible to students. Our screening and training processes meet national industry standards and all partnerships reviewed on a regular basis to ensure student protection. We cannot guarantee the work of all third parties working abroad, however.

Students should be aware of the following important information:

  • Students are not required to use the services of an agent, consultant or any other person to apply to UNB. Any international student who is interest in attending UNB can contact us for more information or apply directly.
  • Agents can only recruit students for our undergraduate programs, our intensive 12-month MBA, and certain English language courses.
  • The only cost to apply to an undergraduate program is $60 CDN, payable to the University of New Brunswick.
  • UNB does not use agents to recruit graduate students (except the 12-month MBA). Students interested in doing a Masters, a PhD or a post-doctoral degree at UNB should contact the School of Graduate Studies directly.
  • UNB does not take any responsibility for any errors, omissions, or other failures of any agent, representative, and/or consultant.
  • Canadian-based agents offering visa advice are required by federal law to have ICCRC accreditation.

Something not right?
If you have any concerns about an agent claiming to be a UNB partner, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Your feedback is confidential and essential to the integrity of our agent network. We are also happy to verify whether your agent is a signed UNB partner.