Welcome to the Andrews Initiative for Advanced Learning at the University of New Brunswick. 

The brainchild of John McLaughlin, president of UNB from 2002 to 2009 and now our President Emeritus, the Andrews Initiative was conceived as an “intellectual journey” for mature learners.

But, we hasten to add, we would never exclude anyone from this journey by virtue of age.  In fact, it is open to all interested individuals, regardless of location, educational attainment, or age.

Engaging Ideas

The Initiative explores substantive topics of current importance intended to stretch the mind and test the intellect.  Launched in 2011 and evolving, this journey of the mind will take many forms and directions. We are planning a variety of activities, including courses, seminars, workshops, lectures and discussion groups—all in person, many online. 

Our motto is “Engaging Ideas”.  We encourage you to investigate further.  Eventually, we hope, it will be the participants in the Andrews Initiative who determine its course and provide the ideas with which we engage.