Reminiscences of Lord Beaverbrook

On Thursday, Nov. 4, 2010, a group of Beaverbrook Scholars and individuals who knew Lord Beaverbrook met in the President's Tartan Room at UNB's Alumni Memorial Building to record their stories of the inimitable 'Beaver' for posterity.

Watch three video samplers for snippets of Beaverbrook tales, then scroll below for the full-length videos:

Full length videos

Virginia Bliss Bjerkelund, BA ’51,

Robert Day,
Beaverbrook Scholar in Forestry ’56, MF’60,
Thunder Bay, Ont.

Thomas Drummie, Beaverbrook Postgraduate Overseas Scholar ’47, BA’52, BCL’54,
St. Andrews, N.B.

David Dickson, Beaverbrook Postgraduate Overseas Scholar ’47, BCL’47 LLD’95, Fredericton

John Findlay, Beaverbrook Special Scholar ’54, B.Sc.'58, PhD'62, Fredericton

Wendell Fulton, Beaverbrook Overseas Scholar ’55 (Mount A), former UNB student,
New Maryland, N.B.

Phyllis Jordan, met Lord Beaverbrook in 1958 in Newcastle, N.B., Fredericton

Ivan MacFarlane, Beaverbrook Entrance Scholar ’45, Postgraduate Overseas Scholar ’51, B.Sc.Eng.’49, Vancouver

Althea Macaulay, Beaverbrook Postgraduate Overseas Scholar ’51, BA’39, LLD’90,

Peter Pearce, Beaverbrook Scholar in Forestry ’55, MScF’56, Fredericton

Heather Baird Perritt, BPE’69
 Island View, N.B.

Frank Wilson, Beaverbrook Overseas Scholar ’63, B.Sc.Eng.’62, M.Sc.Eng.’63,  Fredericton